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  • Pelactiv Breakout balance pack

    $122.00 $100.00

    The perfect skincare pack.

    Breakout Balance
    Pelactiv Gentle Foaming Cleanser 150ml
    Pelactiv Oil Free Balancing Serum 50ml
    FREE Pelactiv Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub 30ml

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  • Pelactiv cell renewal complex

    $96.00 $75.50

    This beautifully textured serum absorbs easily into the skin to deliver pure antioxidants and plant extracts to repair regenerate, restore, strengthen and smooth the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Australian Made.

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  • Pelactiv collagen gel mask

    $64.00 $51.00

    Pelactiv Collagen gel mask is ideal for dehydrated and sensitve skin. The mask is rich in collagen which plumps, firms the skin and leaves it calm and soft. Australian Made.

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  • Pelactiv cooling gel

    $30.00 $25.00

    This cooling gel is excellent for post laser, after waxing, sunburn to calm the skin and to cool it down. Reduces redness, swelling, irritations and bites.

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  • Pelactiv essential clarifying toner

    $36.00 $28.00

    Pelactiv essential clarifying toner is an alcohol free toner, which removes residue, refines pores and calms the skin leaving it prepared to maximise the moisturiser application. Suitable for all skins. Made in Australia.

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  • Pelactiv eye & lip make up remover

    $24.00 $20.00

    A gentle oil free and alcohol free eye & lip make up remover that gently cleansers the eye area without irritation. Contains Panthenol & Rose Flower Oil to help retain moisture in the skin.

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  • Pelactiv eye contour perfecting cream

    $60.00 $48.00

    Pelactiv eye cream natural smooth cream to hydrate and prevent moisture loss and prevent fine lines. Formulated with Black Thorn extracts, Vitamins and antioxidants for essential eye care. Australian Made.

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  • Pelactiv facial refiner deep cleansing scrub

    $54.00 $43.00

    Pelactiv scrub is a gentle dual action exfoliating scrub which contains softening and decongestant benefits of lactic acid together with perfectly rounded beads of granules to remove the build up of dead skin cells. Australian Made.

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  • Pelactiv gentle foaming cleanser

    $48.00 $37.95

    Ideal for normal to oily and acne skins.This foaming gel cleanser removes surface impurities, oils, pollution and makeup. Pelactiv gentle foaming cleanser leaves your skin feeling balanced, clean and refreshed. Australian made.

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  • Pelactiv hydra daily defense

    $74.00 $58.95

    A nourishing daytime moisturiser which is easily absorbed into the skin, strengthening the skin’s natural defenses to the environment. Liposomes transport nutrients to the underlying areas leaving the skin soft with radiant vitality.

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  • Pelactiv hydrating cream cleanser

    $48.00 $37.50

    A cream cleanser that will gently remove environmental pollution, remove makeup, leaving skin feeling clean and nourished. Cleanses without depleting the skins natural oils. Australian Made.

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  • Pelactiv nightly rejuvenator

    $86.00 $68.00

    Pelactiv’s luxurious moisturising cream with Lactic Acid to encourage smooth, flawless skin while you sleep. Leaves your skin feeling soft as velvet. Suitable or all skin.

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