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  • Algologie Initial youth cream


    From the Algologie Initial Energy Range. Algologie Initial youth cream is the perfect for skin starting to show the signs of aging. It is suitable for age range of mid 20’s to mid 30’s. This cream can be used day or night to remineralise, hydrate and protect against free radicals.

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  • Fleur De Mer moisture fix


    A white, very light and very nourishing, hydrating cream with no fragrance. It provides instantly a refreshing moisture boost to hydrate a dry, devitalised ‘thirsty’ skin.

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  • Fleur De Mer rosacea & sensitive skin serum


    This Fleur De Mer rosacea serum is perfect for redness and links to rosacea with a  blend of anti inflammatory ingredients. Helps to reduce redness sensitivity.

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  • Fleur De Mer stem cell serum


    Fleur De Mer’s STEM CELL ANTI AGEING SERUM contains necessary stem cells from a rare Swiss apple and is formulated with other valuable oils, proteins and peptides and liposomes into a unique and perfect delivery system. We now therefore at last have insurance to preserve longer our skins youthful appearance, introduce anti-ageing benefits never before thought possible, deliver nourishing oils, proteins, peptides and stem cells deep into our skin.

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