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Cell Renewal

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    Fleur de mer ABC daily vitamin pack- with 20% Vit C

    $274.00 $224.00

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    Bring the ABC’s to your skincare routine with these amazing Vitamin packed serums!

    Fleur De Mer Advanced Vitamin A Serum – pump bottle 30ml

    Fleur De Mer Vitamin B co+niacin serum – 30ml Pump bottle

    Fleur De Mer Vitamin C 20% – 30ml pump bottle

    Please read the description to understand the precautions of using Vitamin A,B & C. You also can chat live with Venessa for further questions.

    Ensure you always use a Sunblock after your application. Please view our full range of Sunblocks by clicking the link.

  • Fleur De Mer Anti-aging skin starter pack

    $163.00 $160.00

    This Fleur De Mer skin pack comes with a FREE COSMETIC BAG

    All products are full size items. When buying as a pack your are saving, PLUS FREE shipping PLUS the FREE cosmetic bag

    Fleur De Mer triple action cleanser- 125ml

    Fleur De Mer skin renewal lotion- 125ml

    Fleur De Mer multi treatment cream- 50ml

  • Fleur De Mer stem cell serum


    Fleur De Mer’s STEM CELL ANTI AGEING SERUM contains necessary stem cells from a rare Swiss apple and is formulated with other valuable oils, proteins and peptides and liposomes into a unique and perfect delivery system. We now therefore at last have insurance to preserve longer our skins youthful appearance, introduce anti-ageing benefits never before thought possible, deliver nourishing oils, proteins, peptides and stem cells deep into our skin.


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