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  • Milk & Co Baby essential travel pack

    $17.95 $16.50

    We know travelling with kids isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be… that’s why we have Now minimized your three favorite Milk&Co baby products in a convenient 50ml travel size. Dematologically tested and ph balanced along with the use of organic coconut oil, milk protein will leave your bub’s skin& hair feeling hydrated and soothed. Perfect for the jet-setting mother or the mum on the move.

    Each baby travel pack contains our top 3 best sellers of

  • Milk & Co Baby moisturiser

    $12.95 $11.50

    Milk & Co Baby Moisturiser is gentle and soothing, an all-natural daily moisturiser for your bub. Enriched with the goodness of organic Coconut Oil and milk protein, our unique formulation is dermatologically tested to ensure it hydrates your baby’s sensitive skin, gently clearing dry and irritated patches, while providing skin with all that it needs for extra growth. Leaves bubba feeling soft and cuddly.

  • Milk & Co Her body oil

    $19.95 $18.50

    One of our favourites, this is the perfect oil to assist and improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin. A combination of plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils that will nourish and protect against the day’s elements.

    Lightly scented with essential oil of Lavender, it will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and clear headed. The perfect antidote for a hectic day.


  • Milk & Co Her face cleanser

    $14.95 $13.50

    A naturally based foaming cleanser to clear away your day and prepare you for new adventures. Scented with essential Geranium Oil and Ylang Ylang, with extracts of Hibiscus Flower and Tumeric, this is a wash to invigorate the senses and refresh the skin. Paraben free and perfect for all skin types.

  • Milk & Co Her ultra light face moisturiser

    $19.95 $18.50

    The perfect ultra light moisturiser and enriched with the dual technology of DuraQuench which dries quickly to leave a refreshing, protective layer against the nasties of today’s world, while providing long lasting hydration and protection against the drying effects of soaps and detergents.



  • Milk & Co Baby bath wash

    $17.95 $16.50

    Perfectly matching our Milk Baby Shampoo & Conditioner, Milk & Co Baby Bath wash is an all-natural product packed full of the goodness of organic Coconut Oil, Vanilla and Chamomile to keep your baby happy and clean. Tear free and ph balanced to guarantee bath time is a joy for Mum, Dad and baby.

  • Milk & Co Baby calming room spray

    $14.95 $13.50

    All babies are beautiful but not all of their smells are! Our baby room spray not only neautralises odors, it is enriched with lavender and pogostemon cablin oil creating a calming aroma that makes it perfect to spray before bedtime. The citrus grapefruit contains antibacterial properties to clean the air too!

  • Milk & Co Baby protect me SPF30+ sunscreen

    $22.95 $20.50

    Milk&Co baby sunscreen allows for fun in the sun without the worry of damaging your little one’s precious skin. Water resistant up to 4 hours and suitable for bubbas 3 months+! With unique formulation, free of chemical absorbers and provides a broad spectrum of coverage both UVA/UVB. Is the sunscreen for you!

  • Milk & Co Baby recovery cream

    $14.95 $13.50

    Milk & Co baby recovery cream is naturally derived soothing cream, packed with all the good stuff, to help ease and repair irritated skin. Apply to all of the affected areas to keep nasty itches and redness away. Ideal for sensitive skin.

  • Milk & Co Her beauty makeup wipes

    $9.95 $6.95

    Milk&Co HER beauty wipes offer exfoliating micro beads on one side to clear away the muck and grime and the perfect cleansing tool on the reverse. The extra-large wipes will be your savior during work and play!

  • Milk & Co Her body scrub

    $16.95 $15.50

    Milk&Co HER body scrub brings the beach to you! Mixing coconut shell, rosehip oil and turmeric to help maintain optimal skin health. This scrub will not only smooth and exfoliate, revealing a new smoother you. Coconut shell, rice powder and cinnamon powder are natural exfoliates, helps remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin, leaving you feel fresh and revitalised.

  • Milk & Co Her hand quench

    $17.95 $16.50

    To ensure total skin softness, we’ve added Shea Butter, a non comedogenic (non pore blocking) ingredient that deeply moisturises and encourages healing and skin renewal. Bergamot Fruit Oil soothes the senses with aromas and Mint and Citrus, while aiding in healing eczema and cracked skin.

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