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  • Algologie Active Slimming Serum (discontinued)

    $53.00 $41.00

    Active Slimming Serum together with diet and exercise reduces fatty tissue and visibly slims the figure.

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  • Algologie algae maceration


    From the Algologie Algo Essential Range. An all over body product that suits all skins. A concentrated solution of marine algae with dramatic effects, revitalising the appearance of the skin while helping prevent the signs of premature ageing. Don’t forget you can ask Venessa about it live chat.

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  • Algologie algo lymph gel (discontinued)

    $57.00 $46.00

    A light refreshing body gel to relieve the discomfort of water retention and reduces the signs of cellulite.

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  • Algologie body salt scrub


    A very soft and silky like body scrub containing 100% natural Guerande Salt which gently exfoliates while delivering at the same time
    minerals and trace elements which are essential for a beautiful, youthful
    looking skin.

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  • Algologie draining body oil


    A Micellar oil with 3 aromatherapy essential oils that transforms into a milky emulsion when water is added. Washes off leaving no trace of oil. Skin regains its suppleness, firmness, comfort and beauty.

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  • Algologie firming & tightening body gel


    A luscious creamy gel that provides an effective treatment that combines the strength of the Algo 4 complex with the firming and tightening properties of Chondrus Crispus and Alaria Esculenta. The power of the sea to tone the skin.

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  • Algologie firming bust gel (discontinued)

    $63.00 $51.00

    Algologie Body active firming bust gel is a unique formula, Moisturising, smoothing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. 50ml

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  • Algologie invigorating gel (discontinued)

    $54.00 $42.00

    A refreshing and warming massage gel for tired legs, joints and muscles.

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  • Algologie moisturising & revitalising body milk


    This particularly creamy body moisturiser combines the power of the Algo 4 complex with several valuable skin ingredients to keep it in the peak of condition.

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  • Algologie protective hand & nail cream

    $29.00 $24.00

    Instantly smooth beautiful hands. Hydrates hands chapped by cold and wind.

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  • Algologie silhouette cream (discontinued)

    $54.00 $41.00

    An effective aid for best results during slimming/cellulite program for the body.

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  • Buffing block

    $4.50 $3.50

    This four sided buffer is a girls best friend. Have fabulous shiny nails.

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