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Black Leopard Men's Skincare

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  • Black Leopard 2 in 1 body/shampoo wash

    $17.00 $15.00

    Using essential oils that help clean your body and hair and the addition of green tea extracts that are rich in anti-oxidants, the 2-1 Body Wash Shampoo is there to protect and clean your skin and hair.



  • Black Leopard 2 in 1 shave gel cleanser

    $14.50 $11.50


    Shaving is a harsh operation. It removes hair from the face whilst taking a few layers of skin with it, our shave gel cleanser is designed to both clean your skin (removing dirt and excess oil), whilst providing a smooth glide for the razor on the days you want to shave.




  • Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Black Leopard after shave balm

    $39.00 $31.50


    Most men have started to avoid shaving.
    A. Because beards are in.
    B. Because they don’t want the razor rash associated with clean shaving.



  • Black Leopard conditioner

    $19.00 $15.00

    With the brilliance of Vetiver and masculine scented essential oils, blended with Cocoa Silk Amino Acids, Conditioner delivers healthy hair without the harsh chemical sof sulphates, perfume and parabens.






  • Black Leopard dry touch sunscreen 50+

    $15.00 $12.00

    If you haven’t already, you need to make the Black Leopard Dry Touch Sunscreen an essential part of your daily skincare regime.

    Our 50SPF sunscreen is easy to apply and absorbs fast, giving you that dry-touch feeling. Complying with strict Australian standards, broad-spectrum and 4 hours water-resistant, this sunscreen is everything you’ll need to protect your skin from the harsh Australian elements.

    Apply daily to exposed skin before your Black Leopard Moisturiser and you’ve discovered a better alternative to mens moisturiser with SPF.





  • Black Leopard eye cream

    $32.00 $27.00


    We use active ingredients in our Eye Cream, whilst adding in a number of essential oils that are known to be effective at reducing puffiness and dark circles.

    The active ingredients lock in moisturiser and plump the skin to reduce wrinkles.




  • Black Leopard face scrub

    $23.00 $19.00


    This is a favourite of the Black Leopard team. We were very particular about the feel and function of our scrub when creating it and we think we’ve nailed it. Black rice and Glycolic Acid are the main properties in this product, which work together to give you a deep clean and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh.

    Even the most expensive or very best face cream for men won’t be as useful for your skin as it will be after a scrub. With all of its benefits, you should consider making a face scrub a part of your weekly skincare routine.




  • Black Leopard hair styling cream- medium hold

    $14.00 $11.00

    A styling cream that works well for all hair types. Black Leopard Hair Cream styles and nourishes hair without residue, giving a medium hold with a matte finish.

    The product is purple, for no other reason than to encourage you to rub it into your hands before styling… it will go an opaque colour before application.

  • Black Leopard moisturiser

    $39.00 $31.00

    If you’re new to the skincare world or been at it for a while, you should know that the best men’s moisturiser is an essential part of your routine.

    Formulated for men with high-quality active ingredients, and naturally derived ingredients, this daily face moisturiser for men is deeply hydrating and keeps skin feeling soft without extra shine. It absorbs quickly and is suitable for all skin types.


  • Black Leopard shave pack

    $95.00 $75.00

    Razor bumps, ingrown hairs, redness and inflammation are all signs of shaving irritation, caused by the blade as it moves over your face.

    A 2-1 shave gel packed with essential oils, and an after shave balm that calms, soothes and heals the shaven area; are crucial to helping your skin recover and thrive after shaving.

    Remember, the razor blade is removing a layer of skin in the shaving process, stripping your face of the oils that are key to healthy looking skin. This needs to be replenished to stop breakouts, redness and dryness.



  • Black Leopard starter pack

    $76.00 $65.00

    Wash, Scrub and Moisturise.

    Here are 3 great products that will get you into a good routine of looking after your face and skin.

    Wash and Moisturise everyday, and Scrub 2-3 times a week.

    Our products are made for men, to counter free radicals and to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.




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