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  • Fleur De Mer acne relief


    A concentrated non-oily product for acne prone skin. Used on spots, pimples, blackheads, blemishes and pustules.

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  • Fleur de mer active night cream


    Fleur De Mer active night cream is a powerful anti-aging cream with Vitamin A. Enriched with antioxidants and Jojoba oil. Australian Made.

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  • Fleur De Mer Advanced vitamin A serum


    Vitamin A has many benefits for the skin- brightens, evens the tone of he skin, reduces pigmentation, an antioxidant, helps with cell growth and development stimulating collagen production. This is to mention a few.

    Please read the description to understand the precautions of using Vitamin A. You also can chat live with Venessa for further questions.

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  • Fleur De Mer cleansing granules


    Provides a very thorough cleanse. These tiny polished granules will help to flush out of the follicles sebaceous and cellular matter which could otherwise cause blackheads, acne pustules and congestion. Ordinary cleansers cannot achieve this. Fleur De Mer is Australian Made.

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  • Fleur De Mer collagen drops


    Double action:absorbing and boosting. Essential collagen therapy for prematurely ageing skin. It is essential for the skins support providing strength, firmness, hydration and smoothness. As we reach 40 the collagen in our skin diminishes.

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  • Fleur De Mer daily mini peel powder


    This unique and effective smooth powder activates with water in the palms of your hands to create a smooth creamy paste. When this is gently massaged into the face the salicylic acid gently starts to peel away the top layer of dead skin cells in the Stratum Corneum without any roughness. Healthier and lovelier skin is instantly noticed and felt.

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  • Fleur De Mer environmental defence


    Suited for all skins to combat damage to the skin from pollution, sun and free radicals. Full of anti-oxidants.

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  • Fleur De Mer enzyme peeling cream


    This Enzyme Peels very gently remove the very outer or dead skin layer of the epidermis (skin) revealing a layer of fresh, lovely and more youthful looking skin. And they cause no damage to the skin at all.

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  • Fleur De Mer facial wash


    A cleanser that lathers away make-up, dirt, pollution and excess oil from oily and acne skin. Our advice ~ ideal for a teenage skin as a first step in skincare and skin management.

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  • Fleur De Mer firming flash eyes


    The original Firming Flash for Face and for Eyes have been discontinued and replaced by these totally reformulated products containing a brilliant new energizing complex to fight the look of tired skin instantly. No waiting. INSTANT ACTION.

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  • Fleur De Mer firming flash face


    As you smooth this fluid gel over your face or eyes you will feel your skin becoming softer, smoother and firmer. Fine lines will be noticeably reduced and you will experience the lavish hydration and a refreshed new look.

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  • Fleur De Mer fruit acid cleansing milk


    Fruit acid cleansing milk, double action. A wonderful cleanser for acne and oily skin. Great for teenagers. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

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