Ever spent a day at the beach or in the backyard working away and realised after a few hours you have been sunburn? Its going to be hard to sleep tonight with red raw skin. So now the question is raised what sunblock should I buy? Well this is a guide to what sunblock is right for your skin.
The sun is one of the skins worst enemies when it comes to aging. Using a quality sunscreen daily can prevent premature aging including wrinkles and pigmentation's and also assists in preventing sun spots and some skin cancers.

Flur De Mer sun blocks in foundation cream. 50mL
Soft foundation creams are for use on your face and neck. The Fleur De Mer Soft medium and Medium is the highest selling products on our entire website with close to half the products we post out being one of these sun blocks. NOW in SPF 50+ Fleur De Mer is excellent in providing non-oily Moisturising coverage for day to day use. Ranging from light(very subtle coverage) to medium (somewhat darker) with soft medium(in between). Always maintain coverage when swimming and in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Fleur De Mer SPF 50+ with Vitamin E Sunblock.
Replacing the previous Fleur De Mer SPF 30+ with vitamin E this new product comes as a very soft and light white cream. With its new and improved formulation it feels better and has an immediate absorption. With a tested non-reactive fragrance approved by all who tested it. This formula comes in a standard 50g size perfect for your handbag and daily use along with a 375mL bottle perfect for the whole family. Apart from being the highest SPF rating in Australia this amazing sunscreen has vitamin E for skin nourishment and Anti-ageing benefits. The non oily formula spreads easy and is 4 hour water resistant.

Here at body treats we always recommend using sunscreen matched with protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses to protect your lovely skin from premature aging, skin spots and skin cancer.

Written by Daniella.

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