lightfluidLight Fluid Moisturiser - Fleur De Mer light fluid moisturiser is ideal for younger people starting to use moisturisers for the first time. Rich in anti-oxidants and jojoba oil to nourish and hydrate skin. Leaves skin soft and supple with no residue. It is also very suitable in hot and humid climates. Suits all skin types even sensitive.

  protection moisturer

Fleur De Mer protection moisturiser - Replacing the Algologie protection moisturiser with sunscreen. The new formula is a light texture that nourishes dry skin leaving a matte finish with around SPF 20+ protection suitable for any skin type this is a very comprehensive moisturiser great for every day use.


Multi treatment cream - Fleur De Mer multi treatment cream is a highly concentrated cream with a soft and light texture. Used to slow down the signs of ageing with penetrating collagen and elastin to prevent cellular breakdown due to the ageing process. The moisturiser provides rapid visible results of reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles giving skin a youthful look.
richhydRich hydrating moisturiser - Fleur De Mer rich hydrating moisturiser suits dry skins that are going to be subjected to very dry conditions such as skiing, sailing and harsh weather. This moisturiser protects and nourishes skin. The moisturiser is rich in anti-oxidants and is a rich blue soft velvety cream. normalisingNormalising moisturiser This moisturiser is suited to oily skin. It is a light moisturiser with algae extracts. A gentle texture to hydrate, normalise, protect and balance damaged skin prone to breakouts. Fleur De Mer oil 51404a7ca91f1
Oil free moisturiser Silky Touch oil FREE moisturiser is a unique, non greasy application leaving skin with an elegant texture. Great for hot, humid conditions providing comfort and intense hydration with no after-feel. Ideal for oily skin types particularly oily and dehydrated skin. Suitable as a teenage moisturiser especially with acne and congested skin where oil must be avoided. Fleur De Mer fru 515cef9ae08a0Fruit acid moisturiser You are probably familiar with AHA'S (alpha hydroxy acids) such as Glycolic acid (from sugar cane) and other fruit acids which are extracted from fruits. Because of the fruit acids this moisturiser will continue the effects of the Fleur De Mer fruit acid cleansing milk. Suits normal to problem skin. I do not recommend for sensitive skin. 

enzymepeelEnzyme peeling cream - This enzyme peeling cream is very gentle and has a long shelf life and requires no refrigeration unlike other enzyme peels. Fleur De Mer enzyme peel is applied to all skin types even sensitive skin. It does not contain AHA'S, BHA'S or retinoids, so does not damage skin when used correctly. The peel gently removes the very outer or dead skin layer of the epidermis (skin) revealing a layer of fresh and more youthful looking skin. 


Moisture fix A white light nourishing cream which can be applied day and night. This moisturiser has no fragrance and hydrates 'thirsty skin'. Fleur De Mer moisture fix assists in the skin's moisture balance in all environments such as air conditioned climates and long flights. Prefect for dry and dehydrated skin.