What cleanser is right for me?

Using a good quality cleanser is important: used morning and evening 365 days per year, it has to be efficient and gentle at the same time find the perfect cleanser with this guide to what cleanser is right for you.


Algologie velvety cleansing milk


Algologie velvety cleansing milk is a pastel green milk. Perfect for all ages and skin types. Its neutral base leaves the skin permeable and supple, better preparing it to receive treatment. The extract of fucus stimulates the blood circulation and exerts an emollient effect helping to preserve the elasticity of the skin. Apply to the face and neck daily in the morning and evening.

Algologie Deep cleansing gel.


Algologie deep cleansing gel is ideal for young skin but gentle enough for anyone to use for those who prefer a gel to cleanser. This transparent blue gel with a light citrus fragrance gently eliminates impurities, makeup and traces of pollution. Leaving the skin feeling fresh, clean and oxygenated with a bright complexion.

Algologie caress cleanser

Algologie caress cleanser is a light green cleanser is the number one beauty step for thoroughly clean skin as it dissolves traces of make-up, pollution and dirt. It is well tolerated by sensitive skins (used twice a day), and it respects the moisture balance, cleansing gently and perfectly making it our most popular cleanser. The Caress Cleanser has been specially formulated taking into account the specific needs of sensitive skin.

Algologie foaming gel cleanser


Algologie Foaming gel cleanseris the first step for beautiful skin Suited for younger and oily skin. Thanks to this soft foaming gel with a citrus fruit fragrance rich in laminaria and plant complex, imperfections and sebum in excess are under control. Foaming Gel Cleanser eliminates all traces of pollution, impurities, sebum and make-up. It enables you to cleanse perfectly while the essential oils of Orange and Lemon stimulate your senses and freshen your skin.

Algologie Micellar cleansing water


Algologie Micellar Cleansing Water is a colourless, non-oily, clear solution containing thousands of micells, tiny microscopic bubbles which surround and trap impurities when applied to the skin. Dirt, pollution, makeup etc are absorbed by the micells and smoothed away, leaving your skin beautifully and perfectly cleansed. No need to rinse, as there is no trace left on the skin. Suitable for all skin, even sensitive due to its gentle action. Containing Algologie's renowned Algo3 Complex, this wonderful cleanser will also mineralise your skin at the same time

Fleur De Mer cleansing granules

This cleanser is suited to all skin types but works best on normal/combo and skin that has a oily t-zone. This cleanser has tiny polished granules that help to flush out the follicles sebaceous and cellular matter which causes blackheads, ance and congestion. Ordinary cleansers do not achieve this as well. Fleur De Mer cleansing granules can be used daily. Also great for men that suffer ingrown hairs and women that suffer ingrown hairs on bikini areas.

Fleur De Mer fruit acid cleansing milk


Fleur De Mer fruit acid cleansing milk suits normal to problem skin not recommended for sensitive skin. Because of the fruit acids this cleanser will loosen the dull, unattractive dead cells from the skin's surface. Before using the product keep in mind it may cause some tingling meaning the product is acting. If uncomfortable or redness and sensitivity continues please remove and discontinue use.

Fleur De Mer gentle cleansing oil


Fleur De Mer gental cleansing oil is a blend of mild oils which nourish and care while deep cleansing skin and pores while removing make up. When applying to face add water to create a creamy effect which emulsifies away any excess oil. Suited to all skin types even sensitive. No preservatives added. Packed with ingredients such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and dimethicone.

Vine Secret- Optimal cleansing milk


Vine Secret optimal cleansing milk is a milky cleanser and has a silky texture. Optivegetol Wine and Titrami Red Vine help your skin to face free radicals attacks, while grape seed oil nourishes and protects it. Perfect for mature skin to help prevent aging.

Fleur De Mer triple action cleanser


Fleur De Mer triple action cleanser is a creamy yet soft gentle cleanser that is slightly fragranced with fresh neroli essential oils. The algae extracts stimulate the blood circulation and helps to preserve the elasticity of the skin, hydrate and soften skin. Suited for drier, dehydrated skin types.