With one of our best selling serums being the Fleur De Mer Vitamin C Serum in 11% & 20% Strengths here at Body Treats we get a lot of questions about the benefits of vitamin C.

Research has shown one of the most effective forms of vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid, Fleur De Mer Vitamin C serum contains this form of vitamin C and is coated with microscopic capsules that protect from elements such as air and light that could reduce its stability.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C Serum is free of nasty Preservatives, Fragrance and colour to provide you with a more fresh and natural product helping to reduce the signs of sun damaged skin and protect skin cells support structure from UV damage.

Other benefits of Fler De Mer vitamin C serum include reducing inflammation, Restored Glow, promoting collagen production, reducing signs of fine lines on face and around eyes, powerful antioxidant and boost the efficacy of sunscreen actives. Another common use and benefit of Fler De Mer vitamin serum is the ability to enhance peels and Microdermabrasion treatments.

When looking for a good quality Vitamin C Serum it is important to look at the packaging of the product, insure it comes in an airtight container protected from elements such as light and air to insure the stability and effectiveness of the product, Fler De Mer Vitamin C Serum is protected in an airtight pump action bottle with a dark coloured bottle to insure the highest quality product.

Flur De Mer has two high strength vitamin C serums 11% to provide a high concentration of stable vitamin C to your skin & 20% a very high strength serum an ideal start to a vitamin C treatment as it provides quicker results and a more intensive action.

Fler De Mer vitamin C serum is an essential piece to your skin care collection helping protect from sun damage and aging due to UV rays.


Daniella x

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