vine duo

Algologie vine secret products are beautiful textures in beautiful packaging. All products are rich in natural anti-oxidants with nutrients from grapes and its seeds to protect and treat skin and ensure that you look younger longer.

Our skin and bodies are being invaded more than ever by dangerous oxidative sources such as industrial pollution, exhaust fumes, the suns U.V. rays, fats and oils, highly refined foods, stress and the list goes on.
As a result an oxidation process creates in our bodies harmful toxins can have an aging and damaging effect on our skin and overall body. To help combat these harmful effects products known as anti-oxidants must be considered.

Always in search of innovative products as close to nature as possible Algologie has now researched the amazing benefits of grapes and their derivatives which are very rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols to create the ultimate face and body range with excellent anti-oxidant properties.

So now you know why so many doctors recommend a glass or two of red wine every evening. It's because of the high concentration of valuable anti-oxidants. But you don't have to drink alcohol to get the benefits of grapes and its precious seeds.

This Algologie range is appropriately called VINE SECRETS. It provides all the anti-aging properties of grapes & grape seeds in its beautiful face and body products.
They have taken the active elements found in this range straight from the humble grape to protect and nurture your skin providing these amazing anti-ageing products suitable for all skin types.

Be assured that you will be giving your skin the best step towards proper care & protection helping yourself stay younger for longer.

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