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Body Treats- Online Beauty Products is proud to be supporting Australian brands. We have listed our Australian made and owned companies. All are not tested on animals. All have their key benefits listed below. As a beauty therapist this is why i choose to stock and use these Australian brands.



Our promise is simple – visibly healthy skin


A simple, easy to use skincare range tailored to suit all skin types and conditions that guarantees to bring your skin to its healthiest level possible. Welcome to the product range that actually works in maintaining Visibly Healthy Skin for you and your clients – naturally.

Created by Australian Skincare Therapists in conjunction with leading Biochemists, Pelactiv incorporates the purest Australian native plant extracts in combination with the prime active ingredient, Lactic Acid. A 100% Australian made and owned product, Pelactiv is non-comedogenic and non-allergenic, has no artificial colour or harsh fragrance and is not tested on animals.

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Fleur De Mer Cosmeceuticals

Fleur De Mer – Australian made and owned non-surgical skin care

Not tested on animals, Safe, effective and affordable.

Fleur De Mer cosmeceutical products are specifically formulated to meet the needs of the Australian and New Zealand market offering treatment alternatives that get results fast without having to go into the pain and expense of injections. Fleur De Mer products have been developed with unique technology and this highly active range includes safe products formulated to achieve noticeable and fast skin improvements.

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Embalm Skincare

Embalm Skincare– Hyper-allergenic, Vegan skincare made with organic and natural ingredients.

*Award-Winning  *Australian Made  *Hand Crafted  *Palm Oil Free  *Paraben Free *Vegan  *Non Toxic  *Cruelty Free


  • Keep skin looking young + fresh with our award-winning formulations
  • Restore and maintain a healthy glow
  • Fight premature ageing of the skin with our high quality mix of natural and organic ingredients
  • One of the few skincare product ranges on the market that use the holy grail of ingredients –Sandalwood Seed Oil
  • Powerful active ingredients + super antioxidants to bring back that glow
  • Our range is 100% natural and contains NO hidden nasties or fillers

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Sincerity- Anti-aging & hair care

Sincerity Grape Extracts – Antioxidant plus powerful anti-ageing

Today’s lifestyle means that our skin is constantly faced with dangerous oxidative sources such as pollution, UV rays, stress, processed and highly refined foods, rancid fats and oils and more. Because of this, an oxidation process occurs in our bodies which in turn creates harmful toxins called free radicals. These free radicals can have an ageing and damaging effect on our skin and internal organs and its antioxidants that are needed to fight these.

Ever heard that a glass of wine can do wonders for your health? Well that’s because of the high concentration of antioxidants (anti free radicals) that come from the grapes and their derivatives. Sincerity Grape Extracts is an innovative range of skin care that harnesses the natural power of grapes.

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ECOCOCO- Face, Body & Hair


As well as Certified Organic Coconut Oil, ECOCOCO uses a wide range of natural and organic botanicals and mineral salts for the powerful healing and nourishing skin benefits.
The inclusion of oils from the South Pacific tropics such as Coconut Oil, Dilo Oil + Hibiscus Oil combined with the nutrient rich plant based botanical ingredients such as the Australian Native Kakadu Plum and Kangaroo Apple, curate the ECOCOCO range of ‘Beach Botanical’ products.
ECOCOCO embrace the benefits of beautiful essential oils and offer a range of relaxing Professional mind and body treatments – that draw on wellness philosophies from all over the world; including Thai and Chinese rituals and Ayurvedic Medicinal remedies.

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Milk & Co for Her and Baby

*Australian made   *Organic/Natural ingredients  *Not tested on animal  *Recycled packaging

*Paraben FREE  * Founded by Australian Olympic swimming champion, Michael Klim *Dermatologically tested

Milk & Co Her has been created especially for women. This unique face and body range reflects an idyllic island resort lifestyle using only the best natural ingredients. Comprising of plant based extracts, essential oils and marine based ingredients, to nurture and nourish women’s skin. It’s skincare for all skin types and ages; effectively nourishing, protecting and hydrating with ingredients women trust. Milk & Co’s new baby care collection is created with Australian organic and natural ingredients. Soft, safe,sensitive and simple, they’re designed to nurture, nourish and protect the perfect natural state of a baby’s skin, hair and joyous being. Every day.

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Black Leopard- Men’s Skincare

A range made by men for the distinct needs of men. We sweat more, have larger pores, thicker skin and expose ourselves to the harsh Australian elements… try our range, it is formulated to Hydrate and to be an effective anti-ageing tool. Black Leopard has products from head to toe, products that are proven on all skin types that work and improve the male skin. Products that hydrate, rejuvenate, and soothe all male skin types. You’ll look and feel vibrant, healthier and younger.

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Auatralian Wholsale Oils-AWO

Australian Wholesale Oils source the highest quality of ingredients for all their essential oils. These products are sourced direct in Australia and from other parts of the world. AWO uses approved suppliers which in turn providing our AWO customers with reassurance that they will receive only the highest quality product.


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Combardis Elixirs 

At Combardis we are passionate about aromatherapy and its potential to enhance the mind-body connection in a most positive way. Essential oils in their purest form have vast wellness enhancing benefits and are often referred to as nature’s living energy. Allow our essential oil elixirs to awaken your senses and bring your awareness into the present moment. The healing properties of essential oils naturally enhance your energetic vibration – dissolving tension and encouraging uplifting feelings to flow. Prioritise your wellbeing rituals and create moments of peace, presence and joy.

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Mancine Professional and SummerTan

Mancine Cosmetics began as a small family business in Melbourne, Australia in 1965 with a quest for excellence in the beauty industry.

Forty years later Mancine has grown to become one of the world’s leading body care brands with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Today’s ever-expanding Mancine range of proven body care formulations provide men and women of all ages with superior treatments to guarantee they look good and feel great.

All Mancine products are salon tested to be perfectly safe and effective. Mancine believe in organics, natural products and environment friendly practices. No Mancine Product is tested on animals.

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MoroccanTan – The original infused Argan Oil tanning products. Pure organic Argan Oil along with other premium ingredients ensures a richer and long lasting seamless tan.

Australian made | Not tested on animals | Vegan friendly | Organic and natural ingredients | Paraben free

MoroccanTan products use technologies and laboratories to create bronzers and tans that act fast, deliver nourishment and are gentle on the skin.

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Natural Look Australia

Natural Look Australia is Artav Australia’s most influential brand and represents the best of our mission: to deliver the purest, high quality standard products, to be environmentally safe and cruelty free, at competitive prices, globally.

Natural Look Australia’s passion and dedication is to create ranges with naturally derived bases that deliver quality hair care, nail care, foot and hand care.

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Fusion by Pelactiv

Fragrance Homewares leaving your house smelling divine. Soy scented candles, reed diffusers, hand washes, body and room sprays. Tantalise your senses with tropical, sweet and fruity fresh fragrances. All Australian made and owned, cruelty free.

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