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Ever spent a day at the beach or in the backyard working away and realised after a few hours you have been sunburn? Its going to be hard to sleep tonight with red raw skin. So now the question is raised what sunblock should I buy? Well this is a guide to what sunblock is right for your skin.
The sun is one of the skins worst enemies when it comes to aging. Using a quality sunscreen daily can prevent premature aging including wrinkles and pigmentation's and also assists in preventing sun spots and some skin cancers.

Flur De Mer sun blocks in foundation cream. 50mL
Soft foundation creams are for use on your face and neck. The Fleur De Mer Soft medium and Medium is the highest selling products on our entire website with close to half the products we post out being one of these sun blocks. NOW in SPF 50+ Fleur De Mer is excellent in providing non-oily Moisturising coverage for day to day use. Ranging from light(very subtle coverage) to medium (somewhat darker) with soft medium(in between). Always maintain coverage when swimming and in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Fleur De Mer SPF 50+ with Vitamin E Sunblock.
Replacing the previous Fleur De Mer SPF 30+ with vitamin E this new product comes as a very soft and light white cream. With its new and improved formulation it feels better and has an immediate absorption. With a tested non-reactive fragrance approved by all who tested it. This formula comes in a standard 50g size perfect for your handbag and daily use along with a 375mL bottle perfect for the whole family. Apart from being the highest SPF rating in Australia this amazing sunscreen has vitamin E for skin nourishment and Anti-ageing benefits. The non oily formula spreads easy and is 4 hour water resistant.

Here at body treats we always recommend using sunscreen matched with protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses to protect your lovely skin from premature aging, skin spots and skin cancer.

Written by Daniella.

email me at Admin@onlinebeautyproducts.com.au for any questions or suggestions. xx

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New scientific stem cell research helps you look younger longer and restore damaged skin cells!!

As we progress into our mid 30's issues like sun damage, stress, poor nutrition and smoking damages our skin, vital tissues, collagen, elastin, muscles and epidermis. The number of our skin stem cells start declining and signs of premature ageing starts with wrinkles, sagging, dullness and tired looking skin. Fleur De Mer stem cell anti-ageing serum is your key to unlocking longer lasting youthful looking skin!

Fleur De Mer stem cell anti-ageing serum contains necessary stem cells from a rare swiss apple Malus Domestica apple and is formulated with other valuable ingredients including Aloe vera and Jojoba oil for a hydrating and nourishing effect along with protection for your skin and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 to simulate collagen production.

This Swiss fruit is at the centre of what's being described as a 'revolution' in anti-ageing treatments due to the effects the Malus Domestica fruit stem cells cause, Fleur De Mer stem cell anti aging-serum is rich in proteins, and long-living cells. This unique composition of self-renewal growth characteristics awaken dormant skin cells, making them behave like younger cells, while enhanced longevity properties contribute to healthy cell duration and age-delaying protection.

When using Fleur De Mer stem cell aging serum you should use twice daily over thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Pressing hard with your fingertips and weekly exfoliation create a deeper absorption.

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With one of our best selling serums being the Fleur De Mer Vitamin C Serum in 11% & 20% Strengths here at Body Treats we get a lot of questions about the benefits of vitamin C.

Research has shown one of the most effective forms of vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid, Fleur De Mer Vitamin C serum contains this form of vitamin C and is coated with microscopic capsules that protect from elements such as air and light that could reduce its stability.

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C Serum is free of nasty Preservatives, Fragrance and colour to provide you with a more fresh and natural product helping to reduce the signs of sun damaged skin and protect skin cells support structure from UV damage.

Other benefits of Fler De Mer vitamin C serum include reducing inflammation, Restored Glow, promoting collagen production, reducing signs of fine lines on face and around eyes, powerful antioxidant and boost the efficacy of sunscreen actives. Another common use and benefit of Fler De Mer vitamin serum is the ability to enhance peels and Microdermabrasion treatments.

When looking for a good quality Vitamin C Serum it is important to look at the packaging of the product, insure it comes in an airtight container protected from elements such as light and air to insure the stability and effectiveness of the product, Fler De Mer Vitamin C Serum is protected in an airtight pump action bottle with a dark coloured bottle to insure the highest quality product.

Flur De Mer has two high strength vitamin C serums 11% to provide a high concentration of stable vitamin C to your skin & 20% a very high strength serum an ideal start to a vitamin C treatment as it provides quicker results and a more intensive action.

Fler De Mer vitamin C serum is an essential piece to your skin care collection helping protect from sun damage and aging due to UV rays.


Daniella x

Beauty edditor - Here to answer your questions every Wednesday at admin@onlinebeautyproducts.com.au

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The benefits of seaweeds

10/05/2016 12:05 pm

How does seaweed work?

All the sea's mineral substances are concentrated in seaweed cells, similar to a tiny chemical manufacturing plant. They also manufacture proteins and vitamins. Each variation of seaweed possesses its own individual cocktail of elements. So it is essential to choose the appropriate seaweed for the required function. Once the cellular wall of the seaweed is burst by crushing or
micronization, its components are released, and by osmosis, will go into the skin tissues.

As the blood circulates, the capillaries will distribute these elements to the organs which will absorb them in a selective manner. Furthermore, the biological environment in which
the seaweed lives is comparable in many ways to the body's plasma, which helps explain the
incredible ease of distribution of seaweed's active ingredients in the body.

 Seaweed – a completely natural source of life

Seaweed and seawater are infinite sources of minerals and organic substances with exceptional properties. They contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals and marine trace elements that are able
to replenish any deficiencies in the skin and body.
Vitamins are essential for proper functioning and balance of the human organism. Minerals regulate our metabolism and are essential for our growth and development.
Trace elements are the conductors of the cellular orchestra of life. These elements serve to revive malnourished cells, oxygenating and boosting their rate of regeneration.

Marine Algae (Seaweed) is food for your skin

Seaweed contains an amazing wealth of components and nutrients with more than 40 active marine ingredients including – minerals – trace elements – proteins – oligo elements – vitamins – essential fatty acids including omega oils – mucopolysaccharides etc. These nutrients are found in the highest levels in seaweeds, some up to 13,000 times found in normal food. (This is the reason we have such great results with skin and body therapies.) In fact, some are almost a complete food. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of our
organs to produce healthy skin, hair and nails.

The main advantage of Algologie products from the prime seaweed chosen for the advanced extraction process is the natural power of the seaweed drawn from the heart of the ocean. There are four groups of seaweed colours:

 Blue Seaweed - These are micro algaes of which Spirulina is the most common. This is a freshwater algae growing in the alkaline crater lakes of extinct volcanoes in the pristine regions of Hawaii and South America. The distinct advantage of Spirulina is its 70% content of protein and high content of Vitamin B12.

Brown Seaweed - Found in the middle of the ocean the most popular are Laminaria, Fucus and Ascophyllum. Laminaria contains vitamins, amino acids, phytohormones and iodine. It contains stimulating and slimming properties and provides elasticity to the skin. An Algae Gel mask is excellent for firming a slackening skin. Fucus Vesiculosus is used to treat skin conditions giving a nutrient boost to skin cells and in the fabrication of powders used in balneotherapy and wraps. It eliminates toxins and burns excess fat.

Green Seaweed -  These are found close to the surface of the ocean. The most popular is "ulva lactuca", lettuce of the sea, with its irregular edges. It is rich in Vitamin B and Iron which
improves micro circulation and firms the tissues.

 Red Seaweed - These tiny seaweeds are found at the bottom of the ocean and rarely exposed to light. Chondrus Crispus, rich in Vitamins B12 and C soothes and nourishes and used in soap and capsules. Lithothamnium and Coralina contain Iron, Magnesium and Calcium and are rich in nutrients for well- being and remineralizing.

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Algologie Algae Maceration

Algologie Algae Maceration regenerates & balances all skin types. It stimulates the vital function of the skin thanks to the action of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for healthy skin. Algologie Algae Maceration is recommended for all types of skin and for both face and body.

Appearance & properties
A thick brown liquid with an oily feel although it contains no oil. Natural algae fragrance. This maceration is the fundamental treatment in achieving a skin that is healthy, balanced, hydrated and stimulated. Algae Maceration is composed of 100% natural Fucus Extract. Its fluid texture (glycolic extract) allows a high concentration of active ingredients and ensures rapid penetration and diffusion into the cells. The Algae Maceration may be used to enrich any salon treatment (face and body) and to nourish and remineralise a skin that needs revitalization. It is excellent as a massage oil, as a boost under or mixed into any mask and may be used under a cream at the end of the treatment. Algae Maceration is recommended for all types of skin and for both face and body.
Its daily use on the face and body will:

  •  provide essential vitamins, minerals and proteins for a healthy skin
  •  firm skin
  •  restore a youthful looking glow
  •  slow down signs of ageing
  •  reduce appearance of facial lines and wrinkles
  •  stimulate cutaneous blood circulation

Key ingredents
Fucus Extract: Rich in natural macro and micro-elements, minerals, amino acids and vitamins, with all the benefits listed above.

Apply to the face and body before moisturisers or body milk.

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