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Black Leopard anti-perspirant


Black Leopard Men's Skincare OPENING SPECIAL 10% OFF

Real, good skincare. For real, good men.

Made in Australia.

A few key ingredients:

  1. Aluminium Chlorohydrate- A group of salts that create a small temporary ‘plug’ near the top of the sweat gland, significantly reducing the amount of sweat that is secreted to the skin surface.
  2. Calendula Officinalis- Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.
  3. Glyceryl Caprylate- Antimicrobial (kills bacteria and stops it growing) and also a skin conditioning agent.

Why use it: Anti-Perspirants are personal hygiene products designed to control sweating and body odour. Our Anti-Perspirant contain ingredients that control sweat and body odour safely and effectively.

In simpler terms: When we sweat it causes bacteria to grow under the armpit. When the bacteria dries it has an odour. Anti-Perspirants help to stop us sweating … meaning less bacteria and a more fragrant underarm. 

If you want to sweat just as much as you already do, and still smell ok, use a deodorant. If you want to sweat less and still smell good use our Anti-Perspirant.



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